Guidelines and Rules

Please adhere to the following guidelines and rules:

  • Teams will consist of no less than three and no more than five high school students.
  • All members of the team are to contribute to the presentation.
  • The pitch is strictly time-constrained to a maximum of five minutes.
  • Teams must use the Powerpoint format outline.
  • Use of embedded video or links is not permitted, although limited illustrative photos are encouraged.
  • Team Powerpoint presentations and one-page summaries must be received no later than 48 hours before the competitions.
  • Teams are permitted to use visual aids (e.g. prototypes or signs) during their presentation. Such aids, if used, must be portable by the team which is responsible for set-up and removal during the cited timeframe of five minutes.
  • Judging criteria include nature of the idea, presentation skills and the written one-page summary.
  • Please ensure materials contain no confidential information. Confidentiality is not guaranteed, and there will be no exchange of Non-Disclosure Agreements or other such confidentiality documentation.
  • The competition will be photographed and videotaped. Photos and video of the events will be posted to social media and YouTube. Participants are required to sign waivers permitting use of their image and names in promoting this event.
  • Dare to Dream representatives will work with the school and teachers to determine how and when the prize money will be awarded.
  • By taking part in Dare to Dream, all participants are allowing the use of their likeness in photos and videos for use in future marketing and promotions.
  • Distribution of prize funding:
    • Judges will provide awards on a per-team basis.
    • Teams without formal mentors or supervisors are responsible for prize distribution within the team.
    • Mentors, teachers or supervisors are responsible for allocating prize awards to individual team members.
    • To receive a cash award, you must fill out a W2 form.
    • All money and checks are handled by Kindred Charities out of Huntington, WV.
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