2021 Championship

Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Dare to Dream competition!


Watch the full video of the 2021 finals here.


1st  Place — Locked and Loaded Game Birds — Russell High School

Locked and Loaded Game Birds presented the idea of creating an all-inclusive, family friendly hunting experience for the tri-state region.

2nd Place — S.O.C.K. —  Minford High School

S.O.C.K. Photo


S.O.C.K. presented the idea of bringing outdoor recreation in the form of canoeing and kayaking to the Portsmouth area.

3rd place — Batter’s Eye –Russell High School

Batters Eye Photo

Batter’s Eye presented the business idea of creating a stylish, baseball themed clothing line!

4th Place — Boujee Backyard BBQ — Russell High School

Boujee Photo

Boujee Backyard BBQ presented the business idea of providing local hand made BBQ equipment and spice rubs at an affordable cost.

5th Place — Donate It — STEM+M

Donate it Photo

The Donate It idea was all about filling the gaps between charitable organizations and donors with an easy to use mobile application.

6th Place — ZapAttack — Green High School

ZapAttack Photo

The ZapAttack idea was all about empowering young women with high-tech self defense weaponry that connects to your mobile device.

7th Place — Revolutionary Unique — Green High School

Revolutionary Unique photo

The Revolutionary Unique idea was all about re-using worn clothing and adding style and flair to generate unique, one of a kind items.

8th Place — Worldwide Cafe — Portsmouth High School

Worldwide Cafe Photo

The Worldwide Cafe idea was all about bringing desserts from all over the world to the Portsmouth area!

9th Place — Mask on the Go — Green High School

Mask on the Go Photo

The Mask on the Go idea was all about giving consumers a convenient way to remember and carry protective face masks.

10th Place — Padded Racing Jackets — Green High School

Padded Racing Jackets Photo

Padded Racing Jackets had the idea of providing affordable protective outerwear to go cart racers.

Runner Up — The Pet Cafe — Portsmouth High School

The Pet Cafe Photo

The Pet Cafe idea was all about creating a space for hungry consumers and shelter pets to intermingle and play!

Runner Up — Musical Barn — Portsmouth High School

The Musical Barn Photo

The Musical Barn idea was all about creating a space where locals could develop musical skills and network with other musicians.

Runner Up — Grass Masters — Portsmouth High School

Grass Masters Photo

The Grass Master idea was all about providing young people with the opportunity to rent lawn care equipment so that they may learn the value of work.

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