2022 Championship

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Dare to Dream competition!


Watch the full video of the 2021 finals here.


1st  Place — The Diamond — Wheelersburg High School

Locked and Loaded Game Birds presented the idea of sports entertainment complex in Scioto County, Ohio.


2nd Place — Handmade by Sadie —  Russell High School


3rd place — Tailbacker


4th Place — Ally Armor — Green High School

Ally Armor

(Tied) 5th Place — Bikers Lite — Wheelersburg High School

Bikers Lite

(Tied) 5th Place — H.E.C. Yea — South Webster High School


(Tied) 5th Place — Elaborate Epoxy — Russell High School

Elaborate Epoxy

8th Place — Ensuing Electricity — South Webster High School

Ensueing Electricity

9th Place — Smitten — Minford High School


Runner Up — COS Printing — STEM+M

COS Printing

Runner Up — Game Day Eats — Portsmouth High School

Game Day Eats

Runner Up — CoolHeadz — Green High School


Runner Up — Mind — STEM+M


Runner Up — EcoRide — Portsmouth High School

Eco Ride

Runner Up — Country Boy — Russell High School

Country Boy

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