1. Review the rules and guidelines.
  2. Review the awards categories.
  3. Review judging criteria and the list of 2020 contestants and winners. Ask: Why did the top three teams win? Thoroughly evaluate the pitches in order to understand the idea process and correct pitch procedure.
  4. A successful pitch will not happen without good teamwork. Spend time developing teamwork and collaboration within your group.  For example:
    • Choosing a team – is it better to have diversity or people of like minds?
    • Once you have a team – what are the rules that you all agree on, who is going to do what and when?
  5. Set out a timeline to follow. Be sure to reference the competition timeline!
  1. Look at the Powerpoint Guidelines. Each slide is an opportunity to do research.  You need to become the expert on your idea.
  1. Work on presentation skills. What does a professional pitch look and sound like? See this short video for some basic presentation advice: Presentation do’s and don’ts



Coming up with an idea:

  • Solve a problem!
  • Spend a day doing some brainstorming exercises on what problems and opportunities you see in your community. Examples:
    • Health concerns such as substance abuse and obesity
    • Land and water pollution such as overflowing landfills
    • Availability of transportation for import/export business
    • Timber and Forestry Products
  • After making the list, brainstorm on possible solutions.
  • Innovation is the key!  Please do not enter the competition with an idea for opening a new franchise.
  • Review the pitch contest from last year on YouTube.


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