William Beale Award $1000

William Beale (1928-2016), an inventor of environmentally friendly technologies and the founder of SE Ohio- based Sunpower, Inc., gave philanthropic funding from the sale of his business to fund new businesses and entrepreneurs who are, like him, creating ways to reduce the negative impact of human activity on the environment.

These Beale Legacy awards were provided to contestants with the most compelling ideas that could make our world more liveable for ourselves and for generations to come.

The 2019 winners of the William Beale Award were as follows:
Note: See more information on each team HERE.

  • Eco top, Valley High School — $400
  • Flow on the Go, South Webster High School — $400
  • G C Cleaning, Green High School — $100
  • Happy Little IndusTREES/Fairview High School — $100
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